what s the difference between peanut butter and jam

If you are wondering the difference between peanut butter and jam it is an idiotic thing to know because we know that peanut butter is a paste made up of cooked peanuts mixed with butter. So that it will be tasty and delicious. Peanut butter mainly used as a sandwich paste. While Jam includes fruit juice and pieces of fruits both right, or sometimes vegetable flesh. In other books jam is a fruit which mixed into water and sugar to trigger the pectin in the fruit. Pectin is mixture which is dig out to produced a gelling agent.

Peanut butter and Jam sandwich paste is popular not only in the USA but popular in the whole world. But Americans are the huge eater of this sandwich paste which approximately 1,500 eater. It is also a source of vitamins and minerals. Its so yummy right.
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