Usain Bolt

In the World Track and Field Championships 2009 on Wednesday, Usain Bolt attains the 200 meters during the final event.

The record which been brought by Bolt for the 100 meters dash on Sunday is been around 9.58 seconds. Yeah that’s great for him because he is the one who holds the record of 19.30 seconds in which he smash the record of Tyson Gay’s World Championships testimony of 19.76 seconds. The undefeated Gay is injured and not in 200 lists.

Bolt is willing to help Jamaica to increase a 3-0 border on the United States in the dash events which is approaching close to imitate the 5-0 border they had over the United States in the 2008 Olympics. So far in the record the United States have 3 golds and 7 medals on the whole. They are at the forefront of Russia which has 2 golds and 7 medals in overall. Meanwhile Jamaican has 2 golds and 5 medals in general.

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